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--- "Galbreath, Mark A" <GalbreathMA@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> But the parser times out

> after 30 seconds and 20-25

> files. I've tried setting the timeout params in

> php.ini to various values

> (e.g., 3000) and still my app times out.


> I've searched the manual for something about this

> setting and cannot find

> anything. Does anybody have any clues?


> tia,

> Mark

It is strange that setting in php.ini are not

working on your system. make sure you are modifying

the right copy of php.ini (i.e. the actual php.ini

your system is using.). Look for phpinfo() details if

you need.

Aleternatively you can use


This fucntion with zero value will disable the time

limit for the script.

BTW, Is your programme realy so large that it need

more than 30 second to execute? Make sure you are not

in the middle of a infinite loop.


zareef ahmed saifi

Be Happy... Make Happy... and Feel Happy



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